About the Faith Works Trust

Working with God in creative vision

The 'Faith Works' Trust was founded in 1990 by Robert and Marie Laken as a not for profit organization, and is a registered charity 1027428.  Since 2000 it has worked from Spring Meadow Farm, Berkhamsted, producing events locally, and with a global focus, for the whole community.  The events are organized by Christian professionals with the main aim to facilitate the opportunity for people to enjoy wholesome and fun activities in the countryside.

The 17 acre Conifer plantation, cycle paths and Archimedian Screw (Water Spiral) are major features of the farm. The beautiful valley setting offers a wonderful opportunity for education, rest, reflection, prayer and play.

2010 began our stewardship of the adjacent arable field and deciduous woodland.  The long-term plan is to recreate habitats lost through intensive farming.

The Trust also works with other professional and charitable organizations, founding the Malawi Benefit Fund in 2004 to help support 714 children orphaned by AIDS, with homes, food and education, through the Christian Church in Malawi. 

We continue drawing schools and the local community into restoring the biodiversity of the countryside with us.

We also work in partnership with www.theoutdoorgroup.org